Fishhead was a Toronto punk band active in the mid eighties. Though not popular with the speed-obsessed punk scene of their moment, their sound was one that other bands across North America were also experimenting with - an integration of certain hard rock elements into a punk/post-punk foundation, a movement that would eventually burst into the world as grunge. So call them post-punk proto-grunge if you need a label.

Many of Fishhead's two dozen live shows were played as openers for their kind and loving Kensington Market neighbours, the bunchofuckingoofs. With the indefinable Groupoem usually on the bill as well, these dates alternately confounded and stunned audiences. Fishhead also played frequently at the Quoc Te, the legendary basement bar and kung fu venue.


  • Fishhead guitarist, later a member of Naughyde Five. Single-handedly keeps Toronto rocking via amp repairs at his laboratory, Superfuzz.

  • Lead instrumentalist and songwriter for Slow Light, played bass in Fishhead. Member of LA post-punk band God and the State.

  • Fishhead singer, bassist for numerous Toronto bands.