Groove Spacing Music Pre-launch

Groove Spacing Music Pre-launch

[Update 2015: even this news item was overly optimistic. We've finally overcome the fear of customer service mentioned below - by not offering any. And also, to be fair, by not needing any: our store, as such, has been moved to Bandcamp, an awesome site.]

Groove Spacing music, long promised, is preparing for its oft-delayed launch in early 2014.

The site has been ready for two years, during which time we've had it rebuilt twice to keep pace with improvements in the php/maria/nginx infrastructure it runs upon.

Though procrastination has certainly played its part in our long delay, fear has had the lead role. Fear of failure? Hardly. Fear of customer service. Fear of customers. Fear of you.

Should you happen upon our site, and purchase some of this music, for god's sake, keep it to yourself.