The Fiery Skies

The Fiery Skies

Still don't understand
We were just trying to have a Saturday night
They might have their reasons
But just because it's right it doesn't make it all right

I used to get emails
And text messages - a dozen a day
But when she didn't call me first thing in the morning
That's when I knew that she'd been taken away

Did you ever lose one like this?
Quite without warning
She's with you one night
Then gone in the morning
She doesn't answer the phone
She's not in her usual places
Normally normal people normally don't
Just vanish

Several people involved
Friends of friends, some possibly gay
Tried to console me
Say everything will be okay
Others were less kind
They said that I drove her away
Does that even make any sense
Given what I'm trying to say?

Still don't understand
Why they couldn't just let us be
There wasn't really anything special about her
Except to me
If it happens to you
Here's what I advise
Lift your eyes to the heavens
To the fiery skies

To the fiery skies
To the fiery skies

Music by: 
Slow Light