Into the Light

Into the Light
GST002 v0.2


Live demo version recorded quickly at Sloan studios.



David Hull vocals, guitar

Guest Players


Into the Light

Right from the start
I could feel the vibration
Something coming apart
A transfiguration

You shook in my arms
I trembled in yours
It was stronger than either of us
Some kind of force

And then you surrendered
And something took flight
We melted together
In a furnace of light

And when we were cool
Tempered and true
I was nine parts me
And the best part you

Into the light
Waiting for you to come
Caught in a whirlwind
Gasping for air
Holding this moment
For all that my life is worth
Know that you're near me

You expose
The truth at my core
Just when you think you've seen it all
I'll show you more

I condense
Like the sweat on your skin
Summertime memories last the longest
The heat burns them in

And when you collide
With the glass of my soul
I'll bend you in every direction
And watch your feelings unfold


And if I am golden
It's because of your alchemy
I believe everything's possible now
Even me

And if I'm to know you
I submit to your mystery
Even as I possess you
As time holds eternity

Lyrics by: 
David Hull
Music by: 
Slow Light

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Evolutionary Stage: 
Studio Demo
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GST002   v 0.2